March 30, 2023



Mass media: hackers from the Russian Federation are involved in the attack on the Colonial Pipeline using extortionate software

A large American company, Colonial Pipeline, was attacked by a ransomware virus that stole about 100 GB of data and blocked computer systems. Colonial Pipeline provides fuel to about 45% of the population of the East Coast of the United States, because of the attack, the operation of the pipeline is disrupted.

According to Bloomberg, the incident occurred at the end of last week, and hackers from the DarkSide group are suspected of organizing the attack.

The attackers use the tactics of double extortion

They demand a ransom from Colonial Pipeline both for decrypting compromised files and for the stolen information not to get into the network.

According to CNN, citing an ex-employee of the US administration who worked in the field of cybersecurity, DarkSide may be linked to Russia. According to media reports, the group usually does not attack Russian-speaking countries.

Because of the attack on the Colonial Pipeline, the White House has created an interagency group to prevent fuel supply disruptions in the country.

Earlier it was reported that REvil hackers encrypted the files of the Taiwanese company Acer and demanded to pay $ 50 million in Monero cryptocurrency.