The 6th International Conference on Plasmodium vivax Research will be held at the Solimões Ballroom at the Tropical Manaus Ecoresort, Manaus, Brazil.

Tropical Manaus Ecoresort
Av. Coronel Teixeira, 1320, Manaus- AM, Brazil.
Phone: +55 (92) 2123-5000


Manaus is the largest city and the capital of the Amazonas state in the Northern Brazil. It is situated at the confluence of the Negro (black water) and Solimoes (brown water) rivers resulting in a striking visual phenomenon called the “Meeting of the waters”, in the end the two rivers become one, the Amazon River. Manaus is located in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest and its access primarily by boat or airplane being the main entrance to visit fauna and flora of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. Few places in the world afford such a variety of plants, birds, insects and fish. Sightseeing tours can be easily arranged in the secretariat of ICPVR (Amazon Receptive is the official tourism agency).


Watch the video and be captured by the images of Manaus and the surrounding tropical rainforest.

Language: Portuguese, but the official language during the conference will be English.

Time: Manaus is -4 hours behind of GMT (no daylight saving time is used in Manaus)

Currency: Real (R$)

Currency exchangecan be performed in the airport. It is not available in Wyndham Garden or Tropical Ecoresort. The other option is Ponta Negra Mall, close to the hotel by taxi or Uber.

Transportation: Public transportation is not very efficient in Manaus. Uber was recently released in Manaus. Yet GO is another app which works very well. Taxis are inexpensive and safe. Easy Taxi and 99Taxi apps work very well in all the areas. Buses from the event will pick up guests at both hotels (Wyndham and Tropical Ecoresort) to/from the Opera House for the show on June 13th.

Visa: Many countries require a visa, a federal authorisation for the alien to enter another nation. In Brazil, the principle of reciprocity is used and for this reason Brazil requires visas from foreigners coming from countries requesting a visa for Brazilians. Most countries do not need a visa to enter in Brazil. For some nationalities an authorisation is issued to stay in the country for a certain period, defined according to the reason for the trip. Nations that do not require a Brazilian visa have agreements with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreigners who need a Brazilian visa are issued authorisations for diplomatic trips, tourism, business, participation in sporting and artistic events and international conferences. To apply for a Brazilian visa, it is necessary to fill out the 'Visa Application Form'; at any Brazilian consulate and pay a fee, which varies according to the type of visa requested. Foreign citizens who want to obtain a visa to travel to Brazil should contact Brazilian Representations abroad or the Division of Immigration (DIM) of Itamaraty, in Brasilia. Click here for more information.

An invitation letter will be provided for visa requirements after registration fee payment. To request one please send an email to

Vaccination: A current valid international certificate of yellow fever vaccine is not formally required by local authorities, however it is highly recommended before coming to the Amazon, because sylvatic transmission still occurs in this area.


Malaria chemophrophylaxis: No malaria transmission occurs in the area of the conference, therefore, prophylaxis is not recommended. In the recent years Manaus has became an endemic area exclusively for P. vivax malaria. Relapses are not prevented by most of the available drugs commonly used for prophylaxis, except daily primaquine which could be an option according to CDC Yellow Book, despite of being prescribed off-label for that purpose (come to the meeting and you will be an expert on that issue!).

Travel Medicine support: In case of any medical assistance, public hospitals are free of charge for all Brazilian and non-Brazilian citizens. The public reference for Travel Medicine is the Tropical Medicine Foundation Dr Heitor Vieira Dourado and the private reference (listed by the International Society of Travel Medicine) is Clínica de Infectologia de Manaus  - CLIN (+ 55 92 98207 0495).

Airport: Manaus International Airport Eduardo Gomes is the busiest in the Northern Brazil and has various daily national flights connecting to São Paulo (the major hub in Brazil) and daily flights from/to Miami and Panama City (major hubs in the Americas).