The local Organizing Committee and the Scientific Committee are honored to welcome you to the 6th International Conference on Plasmodium vivax Research (ICPVR), to be held in June 11-14 2017, in Manaus, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon.

This meeting is aimed at providing a friendly environment to share recent progress on P. vivax research as in previous meetings:


Vivax Malaria Research: 2002 and Beyond (Bangkok, Thailand, 3-8 February 2002)
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Vivax Malaria Research: 2005 and Beyond (Rockville, USA, 9-10 December 2005)
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Vivax Malaria Research: 2009 and Beyond (Panama Canal, Panama, 24-28 May 2009)
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Advances in P. vivax malaria Research (Barcelona, Spain, 28-29 May 2013)
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5th International Conference on P. vivax Research (Bali, Jimbaran, Indonesia, 19-22 May 2015)
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6th International Conference on P. vivax Research (Manaus, Brazil, 11-14 June 2017)
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7th International Conference on P. vivax Research (Paris, France, June 2019)


According to the World Health Organization, in the context of the recently endorsed Global Technical Strategy for Malaria 2016-2030, which sets the ambitious target of eliminating malaria from at least 35 countries by 2030, P. vivax presents a major challenge. In 2013, it was responsible for an estimated 16 million cases globally and nearly half of cases outside Africa. Therefore, malaria eradication requires tackling all parasite species that cause human infection. In Manaus in 2017 we will review the most recent advances on this parasite and debate the major bottlenecks in P. vivax malaria elimination. Now it is #timetogoforvivax.

We look forward to meeting you in Manaus, an eco-friendly city.


Last minute check-list and tips...


As ICPVR 2017 is approaching, we would like to you help to check list some major final logistics issues before coming to Manaus.


1. Make sure you have your electronic ticket with you. In case the conference has paid for you or will reimburse you afterwards, it is needed to keep physical boarding passes and deliver them to the secretariat, or send by e-mail to icpvr2017@gmail.com. In case of cancellations or changes, please tell us know immediately.


2. Hotel reservations for guests were made at the Wyndham Garden Manaus hotel (Av. Coronel Teixeira 1320 A, Manaus, AM, 69037-000, Brazil), according to your flights and personal requests. All the extras will be paid by yourself during check-out. In case you still have not received the reservation code, please let us know asap.


3. Keep the printed Invitation Letter or registration form with you in case they request in the immigration sector in the airport.


4. Transfers will be available from/to the airport to the hotel (only for guests). We have your flight numbers and will follow potential delays. Do not worry about that. Someone identified as ICPVR 2017 will be in the airport, in the only arrival area. Transfers are also complimentary for companions arriving with you. In case you have problems please contact us through phone/Whatsapp (+ 55 92 99114 7655), anytime!


5. Make sure you have your valid passport and visa (according to your nationality).


6. Make sure you have your updated presentation/poster with you. Specific instructions are available in previous e-mails and on the website.


7. Money exchange can be performed in the airport. It is not available in Wyndham Garden or Tropical Ecoresort. The other option is Ponta Negra Mall, close to the hotel by taxi or Uber.


8. The full and updated program of the conference can be seen in our website (icpvr.org) or on the app ICPVR 2017 (available for Android or iOS). No program will be printed for ecological reasons.


9. This is the hot season (less rainy) in Manaus. Therefore, bring clothes accordingly and keep yourself hydrated specially if you are going on any boat sightseeing tour. If you haven't negotiated that so far, a tourism agency will be available in the secretariat of the conference to assist you (Amazon Receptive). Ponta Negra beach near the venue is clean and safe. 


10. In the area of the hotel and central areas of Manaus there is no malaria transmission, therefore, if you are not taking malaria prophylaxis, this is fine.


11. Make sure you are vaccinated against yellow fever in case you are going to the forest. Keep in mind that no urban yellow fever exists here. In Brazilian airports the international certificate is not requested.


12. The hotel area is safe, however avoid walking around with substantial amount of cash or jewelry, specially if you are visiting the downtown area.

13. In case you have last minute doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime (icpvr2017@gmail.com or + 55 92 99114 7655).



Pre-meeting courses June 11th
Conference June 11-14th
Travel Award Submission Deadline

January 31st (CLOSED NOW)

Abstract Submission Deadline March 31st (CLOSED NOW)
Pre-meeting courses Registration May 11th  (CLOSED NOW)
Late Breaker Abstract Deadline May 31st (CLOSED NOW)